HOUSEGUEST is an independent, artist-run project space located in Louisville, Kentucky. The space was founded in January of 2018 by artist Megan Bickel and her husband, chef, Jacob Wilson. It's location is within the living room of the couple. The space holds five-six exhibitions a year. We are working hard to ensure the exhibition of local artists and collaboration with local curators, but will always work to integrate or introduce artists that are from outside of Louisville. We encourage artists to interact with and activate the space while exploring new ideas and concepts, with full control over what they create.

Along side each exhibition will be a small SUPPERCLUB lab dinner, occasionally with collaborating chefs from around the region. It is our hope that we can create a destination where chefs, and artists alike, feel safe to explore, experiment, learn, and participate in a dialogue around the importance of experience.

Gallery Hours

Gallery Hours: Opening Reception, SUPPERCLUB, Saturdays 10a-1p and by appointment

Read about our one of our recent exhibitions: Team B's Model Unit, and our philosophies in Ruckus