Borrowing from our surroundings we compose a self, bit-by-bit, emulating that which moves us. Beginning in childhood, we animate toys in order to give ourselves what we desire most, forming bonds with objects. Known for her “inflatables,” Amelia Briggs reimagines the particular colors of plastics, toys, shapes and patterns from her youth, creating bloated forms that hang on the wall like characters or relics. Throughout her process, Briggs is constantly searching for a jolt of familiarity, one that treads a line between comfort and provocation, reality and dream. Each generation shares many of the same visuals and details from adolescence, however everyone brings a unique understanding and history to that nostalgia. The bulbous and colorful paintings that Briggs creates do not spell out a specific narrative; instead they reimagine a shared language – hopefully offering a springboard of recognition and possibility. 

Amelia Briggs // July 13th-September 8th // gallery hours: Saturday 10-1

opening reception: 13th July 2018,  6-10p