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The Monsters’ House

curator: Abby Mae Friend

The Monsters’ House

There are two kinds of monsters: personal monsters and collective monsters. Personal monsters can manifest as feelings of anxiety, self doubt, and worthlessness. Collective monsters express themselves as things like sexism, racism, and homophobia — fear-based hierarchies that haunt the systems we’re forced to operate in. We share the monster that is fear of The Other. Poet and activist Audre Lord once said, “The master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house.” In The Monsters’ House, artists begin the necessary work of connecting their personal monsters to collective monsters. Houseguest Gallery is transformed into a domestic space that represents our collective monsters. It’s haunted by visual representations of fear — those unique to us as individuals and those shared as members of this culture.

Each artists’ work addresses questions such as, What am I afraid of? How does my fear relate to otherness? How does my fear tap into a collective fear? By confronting their anxieties in the gallery setting, contributors encourage visitors to take a similar psychological inventory. How have our minds been shaped by systems like misogyny and colonization? The deeper question becomes, How do we drive out the monsters lurking inside us?

How do we dismantle the monsters’ house?

Contributing artists include Ghost Eyes, Sydney Joslin-Knapp, Jheri Neri, Linda Ding, Lizzy Duquette, Brian Dooley, and Nola Lee. Abby Mae Friend has curated exhibitions in many small and DIY institutions around Cincinnati, Ohio including Wave Pool Gallery and the 840 Gallery. They were the first Curatorial Resident at Wave Pool Gallery in 2018 with their show WITH NO MEMORIES, NO TIES, NO PHANTOMS TO TEND FOR. Friend curates shows in Shed Gallery, their 10x10 storage shed in their backyard in Cincinnati, Ohio. They have also curated multiple performance-based events at Chase Public, including a Response Project and SEXXXLITTT. They have worked installing art in galleries and institutions since 2013, working in spaces such as the Contemporary Art Center and Hudson Jones Gallery.

February 8th - April 5th, 2019 // gallery hours: Saturday 10-1 or by appointment

opening reception: February 8th, 2019 6-10p