The Good American is a two-person exhibition consisting of an immersive installation by Noah Howard and digital c-prints by Darrin Milliner. Together the works create a nationally specific visual representation of American consumerism, marketing language, and a hopeful and anarchic argument against both of the aforementioned subjects. Both artists, working from diametrically opposed environments and material, construct a visual ephemera that discusses frustrations with their experiences as consumers of media and capitalist narratives, as well as frustrations as Americans— Noah Howard tackling his heritage as a white man geographically located within the American South, and Darrin Milliner’s frustration with media portrayals and socio-cultural expectations demanded of an individual living within a capitalist society.

Noah Howard and Darrin Milliner // September 14th-November 3rd // gallery hours: Saturday 10-1

opening reception: 14th September 2018, 6-10p